Trump’s Major Statement To North Korea Sends Shockwaves Through The Nation [DETAILS]

Donald Trump loves to f**k things up. Like with this whole North Korea fiasco we currently have going on. When he was first unjustly sworn in as President of the United States, he instantly began cyberbullying the volatile, Kim Jong Un. Often bringing up nuclear war during his immature tirades.

Then, by some miracle, after the dust had settled on their beef, Kim decided it was time to play nice and agree to peaceful terms with South Korea. Everything was going according to plan, and he even set a date to meet with Trump about the total denuclearization of North Korea. However, once Kim learned of private military practices being held with U.S. and South Korean troops, his paranoia reawakened and he publicly threatened to cancel all peace talks in the future.

The White House, since then, has been in a state of backpedaling. Not wanting this historic peaceful event to sour, Trump said he would offer protections to North Korea. Specifically, Trump said he is, “willing to do a lot.”

Adding, “He will get protections that are very strong. The best thing he could do is make a deal. Our people are literally dealing with them right now in terms of making arrangements, so that’s a lot different than what you read, but oftentimes what you read, if it’s not fake news, is true.” What do YOU think is going to happen next?

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