Samantha Bee Is At It Again, Slams Trump With Epic Future Prediction

Last week Samantha Bee made a grudging public apology to Ivanka Trump for telling the privileged White House adviser how it is. Thankfully, Bee has since put her sorry’s in a sack, taken off the gloves and jumped back into the political ring.

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“This week Donald Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un,” said Bee. “It was weird but flirtatious enough to warrant a second date.

“Trump even made Kim a prom-posal video,” the host quipped, before sharing the hilarious movie trailer created by the White House to build up hype for the summit. “The meeting did produce a few concrete items, in that they’re the kind of hollow concrete Trump uses in his trashy hotels.”

“The president has agreed to give up conducting military exercises on the Korean peninsula,” the host stated. “This may sound like a huge concession from Trump but you have to remember what he said in The Art of the Deal: ‘I’m an idiot.’”

Bee then pointed out that the South Korean government was caught off guard by Trump’s decision to end joint military exercises and provide safety guarantees to North Korea.

“He also announced a freeze on any new US sanctions against North Korea,” Bee continued, “because Trump isn’t about to screw North Korea like they’re a bunch of savage Canadians.”

Bee concluded: “The supreme leader left the summit legitimized as a nuclear power and glowing brighter than enriched uranium. And all Trump got in return was the same pledge of future denuclearization that North Korea has made and broken numerous time over the last 25 years.”



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