Dying John McCain Delivers Heartwarming Message To Wife On Their Anniversary [DETAILS]

John McCain is an amazing American. More than that, he’s an incredible human being. Despite if you agreed with all his political endeavors or not, the man deserves the utmost respect from the rest of humanity. He, without any hyperbolism or exaggeration, spent the majority of his life serving this country, in one way or another. He literally risked his life to protect our freedoms. And if that’s not the makings of a legend, we’re not sure what is.

This week, as we all pray for the continued well-being of the ailing Arizona Senator, our hearts melted when we saw this special message to his beloved wife, Cindy, on their 37th wedding anniversary. The caption, “time flies when you’re having fun,” only makes it that much sweeter.

Our heartstrings can barely be tugged anymore after witnessing this epic showing of true love. And it only enrages us even further, remembering that there are people out there diminishing the life of John McCain through insults and demeaning rhetoric. It’s disgusting.

But, like Michelle Obama reminded us, oh so long ago, “When they go low, we go high.”

However, with historic disrespect like this being unjustly thrown upon an American hero like John McCain, keeping our anger in check is easier said than done. Not impossible, though. Which is why we must continue to resist the temptation to stoop to their low, immature level.

How do you feel about this story? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions with us in the comments.

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