Americans Furious, After Sean Hannity Defends Donald Trump’s Racist Remarks About Immigrants [DETAILS]

The bond between Fox News and Donald Trump is a strong one. And while the entire network works around the clock to spin Donald’s nonsensical, inept leadership into “positive” stories for the alt-right, it’s Trump’s relationship with Sean Hannity that many can’t help but focus on. Mainly because the connections these two share run far deeper than we even know yet!

This week, Trump finds himself under fire (again) for making racist remarks about immigrants (again). Specifically, during an important meeting about immigration and sanctuary cities, Trump made sure to refer to immigrants in question as, “animals.”

This massive insult wasn’t lost on the American people. And it quickly became a hot topic during the White House Press Conference. And, in a somewhat surprising turn of events, Sarah Huckabee Sanders not only supported Donald’s phrasing, but stated that an even stronger term should be applied. And, as you can see, via-enthusiastic-retweet, Sean Hannity feels the same way.

And why wouldn’t he? He’s Donald’s closest pal. But that still didn’t stop tons of Twitter users from creatively opposing this horrendous administration – and Hannity. Needless to say, Donald (and Sean) should steer clear of these comments.

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